Top travel trends for December 2014


December 2014 is fast approaching and before we know it we will be celebrating another Christmas and welcoming a another New Year! If you have not already planned your holiday for December 2014, then you need to hurry……holiday choices are filling up fairly quickly and the last thing you need is trying last minute to find something.

Our top 5 Travel trends for December 2014 will assist in planning that well deserved break at the end of the year:

1.Orlando – Yep, this tops the charts for 2014 and sees many families visiting Walt Disney World Orlando. Perfect for the entire family with an so many things to suit everyone. Besides Disney, there is also Universal Studios, Kennedy Space center, Sea World Orlando, Port Canaveral and the list goes on. If you have not yet booked flights, hotels, park tickets, etc then call one of our consultants today so that we can assist in arranging your trip and advise on USA visas as well.

2. Mauritius – This destination always sells every year and is a firm favorite with us South Africans for so many reasons. Short flight +_4 hours, all inclusive hotel options (yes what could be more fitting, then ordering your cocktails on the beach), amazing entertainment, great food, kids clubs for the little ones, water activities, beach, sun and….and…..and. However if you do not book early, Mauritius can end up costing you quite a bit. So book now for fantastic deals in Dec 2014!

3. Far East – This is yet another favorite holiday destination, with a bit of everything…..cosmopolitan Singapore, bustling Hong Kong, intriguing Thailand or captivating Malaysia. From city, beach, fabulous hotels & resorts, value for money (yes, in Thailand our Rand is still worth something :-)) great local food, friendly locals and so many options to fly from Johannesburg! The Far East is definitely worth looking at for your Dec 2014 break

4. India – A melting pot of culture, tradition, food & cities…..India is one of the most popular holidays throughout the year but Dec 2014 sees a huge influx of tourists from around the globe. Whether you are wanting to shop, indulge in local cuisine, sight see, enjoy some ayurvedic treatments, yoga, adventure or go on a pilgrimage, India appeals to everyone and all ages. Our fantastic India packages will give you an insight to this magical and amazing land

5. Zanzibar – Another lovely island holiday……a short flight from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, amazing beach resorts, fully inclusive options…. a bit of beach, sand and lots of fun. Zanzibar is perfect for a 4 or 7 night stay. My suggestion, go all inclusive with a beach resort, choose your hammock and a good book and soak up the Zanzibar warmth!

These are our top 5 travel trends for December 2014. Start booking today…… or call us on 031 – 566 4961


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