Essential travel tips!

Looking for some practical & inspirational travels strategies? Uniquest Travel has found this article on the top ten most useful travel tips to make your packing & traveling that much easier.
One- Place shower caps over the bottoms of your shoes, that way you can lay them safely over your clothes without having to worry about stains.
Two- Create a travel checklist; not only to not forget something while packing, but also to remind yourself of important tasks that need to be completed before you leave (i.e. set thermostat, refill prescriptions).
Three- Inflatable travel pillows help prevent neck pain allowing for comfortable sleep (especially on long flights) & from accidently using you neighbors shoulder as a pillow.
Four- Bring along a filtered water bottle, that way you can feel confident that whatever water you come into contact with can be safe to drink with the twist of a lid.
Five- Noise-cancelling headphones not only allow for uninterrupted sleep, but also send out a memo to your chatty neighbor, that you are not in the mood. Place your earplugs underneath the headphones & you are sure to have some peace & quiet.
Six- Bring your favorite perfume or cologne along without the worry or mess of a broken bottle. Spritz a generous amount on a few cotton balls & store them in a medicine bottle. Just rub on neck & pressure points when needed.
Seven- Travel sized hand sanitizer. With so many travelers touching nearly everything in sight, it is nice to have this handy to make sure you bypass all of those sickly germs.
Eight- When packing your suitcase, rolling your clothes not only saves space, but prevents wrinkles as well.
Nine- Sleep masks are nice when you want to go to sleep & the lights are still on, or if you are in need of a daytime cat nap.
Ten- Always bring a carry-on bag with your overnight essentials, just in case your luggage gets lost or you miss a flight & end up overnight at the airport while your luggage is on its way to your destination.

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