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Easy to follow tips when planning your perfect holiday

  • Set your budget: This is vital when you are planning a holiday so know how much you have to spend at the start. Are you going to save up for the holiday, if so, how much can you realistically afford each month? Once you have enough to pay for the holiday work out your holiday spends. It’s best to take more than you need if you can because there’s a good chance you’ll go over your original amount.


  • Find a destination: Where would you like to go? Mauritius, Europe or the Far East? Wherever you want to travel make sure you spend some time looking at the local culture and plan ahead so you know what to expect from the holiday. If you want a restful break, don’t book an apartment in a bustling resort filled with nightlife. Or if you want to party all holiday don’t pick a villa in an isolated spot.

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  • Book with a reputable firm: Make sure you book the holiday through a reputable company and this way you won’t be left feeling disappointed with the standard of the service. Our team at Uniquest Travel will make your holiday a dream vacation and that’s how it should be with any travel agent you choose. Book your holiday through a well-respected company for total peace of mind.


  • Pack in plenty of time: This is where people make a common mistake. They leave the packing until the last minute and put themselves under pressure when there really is no need. Sort the packing out as soon as you can and leave last-minute things out until the night before or the day that you fly.

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  • Book a cab to the airport: Work out how you are going to get to departures. This could be in your car, a lift from a friend, or use an airport transfer service. Plan your journey to and from the airport when you return to the country and your holiday will start and finish the perfect way.


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